Regulatory Issues Related to DRAP (For the existing pharmaceutical Industry, Startups and new entrants both domestic and foreign)
Our lead professional in this domain has worked in government committees that were formulated for regulatory and legislative purposes and has to his credit; Drug Sector reforms during year 2000-2002 and was the main proposer of amendments made to Drugs Act 1976 in 2002 through the presidential ordinance. He has the honor to help Pakistan become member of Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP - a group working for harmonization of medical device regulations among Asian countries). He also has the honor of preparing the Rules for Medical Devices Regulations as member of committee constituted by DRAP for the said purpose.He is an Observer as Pharma Bureau Consultant in diffrent Boards and Committees of DRAP & Now Project Coordinator for USP

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- Approval of Clinical Trial
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